Smartwatch with sim 4g in 2022

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What is a 4g Smartwatch with sim? I think this smartwatch is a better-called smartphone due to the similar features that smartphones have with sims.

The New smartphone on your hand is just different from the screen type but the features will be the same but it means you can play games on it sadly no.

Why am I calling Smartphone to this smartwatch? Because it supports the internet, Build in Wifi, a Dual Camera system, Speaker, Android, etc.

Smartwatch With Sim

The most important thing is ( Should I buy this type of smartwatch? ) See, According to me I like to use features, especially with a smartwatch because it’s really cool, Yep,

But, When our Smartphones do not stay longer charge than How this small battery can store power for days, and When many features are included then the battery will drain fasters.

So, What you will do? You should buy it? I would suggest you not to buy this type of smartwatch because you can use the cool features but noting use when there is no charge and it will not stay longer too.

When you have a smartphone that can literally do anything these days then, Why you need a smartwatch?

The smartwatch has its limit but maybe in the future the smartwatch more powerful than the smartwatch …who knows?

So, I would recommend you buy a smartwatch for health tracker, Fitness, etc because smartphones can’t do these things but Still, if you wanted to buy then I have one suggestion that I like.

Are You In Hurry? Then Check Out Below

Suppose you hurry and have no time to read the complete article then my suggestion is 


Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE

  •  90+ workouts mode, Geomagnetic Sensor, 
  • Light Sensor, LTE Support,

Buying Guide

What do we have to know before buying 4G base Smartwatches?

See, We have look features, Build Quality, Sensor and Most important things are battery backup, etc but You might know the company only show the positive ways to sell as much possible.

Did you notice Amazon and Flipkart only wrote a good thing about smartwatches but who brought this smartwatch they have a true review So, I recommend you see some criteria –

  1. Smart sensor
  2. Battery backup
  3. Water Resistance
  4. Build Quality
  5. Smooth Ul
  6. Value for money

4G Smartwatch With Sim

  1. Watch x89
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE

Smartwatch x89


4G Smartwatch With Sim

  • 4G WIFI GPS Smart Watch x89 Men
  • Camera Bluetooth 4.2 support

Smartwatch Features – 4G, WIFI, GPS, Camera, Bluetooth 4.2 support, 4G Sim support, built-in android, Play store, Wifi, WhatsApp, Instagram, BGMI, Browser,

multiple watch faces, Do not disturb mode, Touch, Flight mode, call dialing pad, Contact number store, Heart rate sensor, Android 9, 1GB Ram, Ringtone Customize,

footstep sensor, Speakers, Build mic, Body temperature sensor, Support google play store apps, Browser, Face unlock mode, etc.

Quality Of Product – This smartwatch has Super Premium looks High Durability, Stainless Steel Dial, and a Silicone strap.

Display & Screen – X89-2 Smartwatch 1.54 inch IPS color touch screen with resolution:240*240.

Battery Life – X98-2 can back up 1 day of continuous usage but it depends on your usage.

Devices – Android only.

App – Google plays store And Browser.


  • It Supports a 4G network with sim
  • Android 9 smartwatch
  • All Smartphones features available


  • Battery back up not good
  • hard to operate due to the small screen


Q1. Does this smartwatch support BGMI?

Ans: Yes but hard to play.

Q2. Does this smartwatch have a camera?

Ans: Yes, front and side camera.

Q3. How to install the app?

Ans: Go to the google play store and download it or download from the browser and install it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE


Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE

  •  90+ workouts mode, Geomagnetic Sensor, 
  • Light Sensor, LTE Support,

Smartwatch Features – Sleep Monitor, Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor, Women’s Health,

90+ workouts mode, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor,

Electrical Heart Sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, Light Sensor, LTE Support, and almost similar to a smartphone.

Build Quality – The Samsung galaxy watch 4 LTE has Stainless Steel with Gorilla Glass protection.

The Watch 4 has the same rotating bezel as Watch 3, Available in sizes 42mm and 46mm in silver or black.

Display & Screen – It comes in 1.4 inches with Super AMOLED Display and 450 x 450 pixels resolution.

Battery life – The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4LTE is still 26 to 29 hours, but with GPS and Without GPS, it may remain longer.

Compatible devices – This smartwatch support Android Smartphone and IOS devices can’t pair.

App Require – The Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) is available in the Google play store.

Condition – These smartwatches are good for the outdoors and workout mode.


  • LTE Support
  • Dedicated Sensor
  • AMOLED Display With Gorilla Glass Protection
  • Multiple health tracking features
  • Smooth performance


  • Only for Android
  • Expensive 
  • Not sim card support


Q1. Does this support LTE?

Ans: Yes it has.

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