Premium Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review

In past years Amazfit brand has become attractive by users to affordable even we can see Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review smartwatch cover the premium market sector,

I think Amazfit brand will be next premium smartwatch that people will like to buy most also Amazfit GTR 3 Pro model is close to the expensive smartwatches on the market, But they offers decent equipment to defend it.

The metal body with Low weight, 12-day backup, GPS, AI assistance or tracking features, sports, of almost all available metrics in the GTR 3 pro

Design, Display and Battery

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has circular AMOLED display, with thickness design and two buttons on one side.

It looks really amazing like a classic watch comes with simple navigation, Both buttons has really amazing shortcut functionality (one button opens the app’s menu and one opens up all available workouts).

Now, let’s talk about on the back of the watch, you’ll find monitors for SpO2 and heart rate monitors with charging port. 

It’s really worth to buy Amazfit GTR 3 pro but that there are over 150 watch face options here but the good site is you can edit many of watch faces which can be a  great looks like a classic.

Amazfit has has a 46mm body with 10.7mm thick. The body is made from an (metal body) aluminium alloy with a black infinite or brown leather look,

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review

Ahh, it’s really look cool and The health part it will gives you the option of a more workout-friendly with super support 5ATM water resistance.

The battery performance remains depending on how you use it, I means how many features you use from this smartwatch but still if you give you a decent backup.

Health Features

The amazfit GTR 3 pro has stress tracker & sleep tracker  that calculates whether you need time for rest and also it does not monitor just sleep timing (This is common all smartwatch are like that) but the quality of it really help you fit and find.

The only things that we impressed is you can test blood oxygen, stress, breathing and heart rate with a single tap.

What’s more, Amazfit GTR 3 pro is suitable for women too! It just not made up for the unisex design but also with the women’s health features.

This smartwatch track stress level and shows data of stress also, heart rate, SpO2 level and respiration rate.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review
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Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Most of these features can be measured individually, too. You can set to get alert about your stress to see the score of the stress as well as others notification,

For example, If you set for every 5 minutes then it will tell you the score, so what’s different with others smartwatch?

The different is (it will calculate and measure then it will show metrics like a graph that you stress level is this, and that also, it can judge by you stress level that you need rest sometimes.

Similarly, with automatic blood oxygen monitoring, you can get a notification if your SpO2 levels fall low, this features will drain battery faster.

Fitness Tracking Features

If you concern about your fitness so, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro really a worthy to buy, it because Many tracking activities included with this smartwatch impressive right.

Not only that Amazfit tracking sensor data are accurate with over 150 sports modes which can be tracked, from combat sports – like boxing and karate – to board games – chess,  etc “esports workout”.

The best features I like about this smartwatch is (support for the key five satellite navigation systems to make sure you get accurate outdoor exercise tracking.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review

If we compare about in-built GPS tracker with iPhone’s measurements then Amazfit GTR 3 pro also accurate data, too. Also if you give permission then it can read and write apple measure app.

It has a Zepp’s native Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score system that reminds your activity data.

The only gold is archive and maintain 100 PAI point under 7 days period, which isn’t difficult to achieve, even our daily normal life will pass out the 100 points.

Even you can earn easily that much point but it’s just parameter set by ai, I think if you more concert about health then you should increase the gold point.

Other features

The highlight features are offline voice controls that make your watch to active to take command from you under 5 second, also it has Alexa, so you can control any of the Alexa devices in your.

Another perfect feature is Bluetooth connectivity to make you answer calls on your watch, notification alert etc.

Play music with in-built speakers Luckily, you can pair Bluetooth headphones for playback with 2GB of music downloaded capacity.

Zepp app is the most important app to use this smartwatch, several apps will prompt you to initiate setting changes also, There’s no NFC chip for mobile payments, so you can’t pay with smarwatch.

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